Hire your Team

By Chiedo - Last updated on May 1st 2019

Get ready to move faster.

It's time to fill your positions.

This article by Neil Patel is a great one.

I'd recommend you start with this.

Ultimately, the best way to find talent at this stage is either by networking like crazy, leveraging existing connections, or working with a recruiter.

As I mentioned earlier, I think finding your COO and CTO will be a couple of the most crucial hires.

With a COO being the most important hire.

If you haven't read Rocket Fuel, read Rocket Fuel.

It's all about the CEO / COO dynamic.

And if you have capital, working with a recruiter to find a COO is worth every dollar.

Same goes for finding your CTO. Pay to get the right person on board. They'll be pivotal.

With both of these hires, also make sure you get someone who's in it for more than the money. And in it for the long-run.

They both need to be sold on your vision. Not just the position.

In regards to finding your CTO and software development team, I've worked with a number of Startups who use my company to handle their software development, with me playing a fractional-CTO role.

That's fine for startups with a need for a handful of developers. The math works out fine in that scenario.

But if you need 5 developers or more, you need to prioritize hiring a CTO and building an in-house software development team.

Working with an agency is definitely easier but using an external software agency once you get to a certain level of scale in regards to the number of developers needed, will start to make less sense.

Hiring isn't easy.

Definitely hire slow and fire fast.

And get LOTS of insight here.

A bad hire is costly.

So take your time and do it right.


Consult with your mentors
Check out CoFounders Lab to look for candidates
Consider working with a recruiting firm
Hire your COO
Start hiring the rest