Commit to a Problem

By Chiedo - Last updated on May 1st 2019 - 2 MIN read

Launching a software startup that isn't solving a real problem is as hard as it gets.

Building a software startup isn't about pulling the next amazing idea out of the sky.

It's about noticing a problem and coming up with a solution that solves that problem better than anything else.

So what problem you're trying to solve and how will you solve it?

Now you have your idea.

But the challenge is committing to it.

According to, a visionary is:

given to or characterized by fanciful, not presently workable, or unpractical ideas, views, or schemes

Being full of ideas and quick to imagine realities that have never been considered is part of what makes us entrepreneurs.

It's one of our best assets.

But it's also a curse.

As visionaries, we tend to lack focus and latch on to the next big thing before we're done with the first big thing.

If you've got a co-founder who's super steady and lives on earth rather than in your alternate realities, that's awesome. Cherish that person. You need each other.

But if not, you need to be aware of your tendencies, and do your own self policing.

After reading a book titled Rocket Fuel, which I highly recommend, I became convinced that I needed to hire a chief operating officer.

So I made it happen, and it was an absolute game changer. He brought a steadiness to the company that I never could have provided.

He holds me accountable to the goals I set, the projects I start, and prevents me from distracting myself with all my new ideas.

If you already have that co-founder, they can help hold you accountable with these next todo items. If not, you'll need to do some self-policing.


Read the first two chapters of Rocket Fuel to learn which type of strengths and weaknesses you may have as an entrepreneur.
Isolate your favorite software startup ideas.
Decide which idea you're going to commit to first.
Commit to taking it at least to the end of the customer research phase of this roadmap.
Commit to ignoring the other ideas until you're done with this one.
Create a Google doc and offload any other ideas you have there until you're ready to act on them.