Draft Your Business Plan

By Chiedo - Last updated on May 1st 2019 - 2 MIN read

I'm not a fan of "business plans" in the traditional sense.

Pages and pages of documents and revenue forecasting destined to become irrelevant within months.

But you do need to have a plan for how you intend to turn the value you're creating with your product into profits.

Otherwise, it's not a business. It's just cool.

With that being said, coming up with a business plan is hard.

But that's part of the challenge of entrepreneurship.

Everyone's a dreamer. But entrepreneurs are dreamers who can turn their dreams into value and that value into money.

I don't feel qualified to coach anyone on creating a business plan.

But this article seems to be really solid.

So check it out.

And then create your business plan.

Once again, don't make it super long and don't solve too many problems before you have them. You may never have them.

But make sure your idea is more than cool. Make sure it's a business.


Create your business plan
Be able to articulate your business plan